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Easy access to your personal and family immunization records at no cost.

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Effortlessly Impactful Digital Health

Docket® is a platform for public health that provides immunization records as a service to millions of American healthcare consumers.
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Access to Personal and Family Immunization Records

Docket® expands consumer access to state and local immunization registries.
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Data Security and Privacy

We take our responsibility to protect your data seriously. Your records are encrypted on Docket® servers, on your phone, and everywhere in between.

80% Savings on Prescription Medications

DocketRx™ offers savings on over 10,000 medications, including vaccines that you have to pay for.

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Access Official Immunization Records

Connect to state immunization registries.

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Add Family Members

Stay up-to-date on your family's shots from a single Docket® account.

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Multiple Login Options

Access your immunization records with Google, Apple sign-in, or your Docket® account.

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