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Effortlessly Impactful Digital Health

Docket Health, Inc. is an ambitious digital health company that partners with government to put more Americans in control of their personal health data. Support Docket® at your organization today.

  • Consumer access to immunization records
  • Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical discount cards (coming soon)
  • Pre-visit appointment intake forms and QR code check-in (pending re-release)

Direct access to personal and family immunization records

Docket Health, Inc. teamed-up with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to make it easier than ever for families to access their most accurate and complete immunization records. Read more.

  • Access your official immunization certificates
  • Keep track of upcoming shots
  • Review past immunizations

Your data always belongs to you.

Only you can authorize access of personal health data to your trusted care providers. All of your data is fully encrypted, both on Docket® servers and on your phone.


Immunization Records

Access Official Immunization Records

Connect to state immunization registries.

Add Family Members

Stay up-to-date on your family's shots from a single Docket® account.

Multiple Login Options

Access your immunization records with Google, Apple sign-in, or your Docket® account.


White Labeling

Dazzle your patients with a highly polished, branded experience to match your organization's unique identity.

Integration Services

Harness the full potential of HL7 FHIR® to integrate Docket® with your other applications.

Custom Features

Customize Docket® to meet your organization's specific goals.